Have your say in our web3 survey

We launched our latest LendIt Fintech survey last week, and we are already seeing a compelling variety of opinions on the big questions facing the industry.

Titled The Intersection of Web3, Fintech and Banking Survey, the dozen questions were designed to measure expectations for the emergence of Web3 in fintech and the importance of coverage on the topic at our future events and on our news site.

Sample questions:

  • How do you feel about web3/crypto/blockchain technology?
  • What impact do you think web3 will have on banking in the next five years?
  • What role should regulators play?

The majority of the early group of responders agree that web3 will have some impact on the industry in the next five years. A majority also believe that web3 is important but they are skeptical that the mainstream will understand and adopt the technologies any time soon.

We are still accepting responses, so you can complete it now if you want to add your voice to the chorus.

Once complete, the results will be analyzed and shared in a future published report.

All contributors will be the first to receive a copy of our findings.

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