Endaoment celebrates green giving with guide and community fund

Endaoment celebrates Green Giving Month this April by recognizing nonprofits working to conserve, protect, and advocate for our natural environment, beginning with a deployment drive and community fund.

Endaoment exists to solve two problems: to ease the donation of crypto and allow nonprofits to accept crypto and cash out. Endaoment charges 0.5% on inbound contributions and 1.0% on outbound grants, with no annual or recurring fees. They are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Community Foundation building decentralized financial infrastructure focused on social impact.


“Our goal in deploying environmental organizations throughout April is twofold: raise awareness of these organizations and their value in the DeFi community, and help organizations more easily receive crypto donations,” explains Zach Bronstein, COO of Endaoment. 

Earth Day

Each day of April that led up to Earth Day, April 22, Endaoment deployed a smart contract for a different environmentally focused nonprofit to the Ethereum blockchain. They covered all associated transaction fees, which enabled these organizations to immediately begin accepting donations of cryptocurrencies and raise awareness of their causes and missions amongst a new donor base in the crypto ecosystem.

“It’s become increasingly clear that the DeFi community wants to enact positive change, evident through efforts to donate crypto to support humanitarian aid, initiatives to bring financial services to unbanked populations, and rhetoric around returning financial power to everyday individuals. But when it comes to giving back, the number of choices can be paralyzing, especially when someone is donating a substantial sum of money,” said Robbie Heeger, President and CEO of Endaoment.”

“This has been especially true around climate change efforts and environmental causes, where so many organizations play a role. Through initiatives like our Green Giving Guide and Community Fund, we’re making it easier for nonprofits to receive gifts and providing the guidance individuals need to donate to leading organizations with the utmost efficacy.”

In addition to this outreach, Endaoment will be profiling several climate-conscious organizations that have already received cryptocurrency donations on the platform and spotlight their Crypto Carbon Offset Community Fund.

Created in 2021 in partnership with CarbonFund.org, this fund aims to mitigate Ethereum’s environmental impact by supporting leading carbon offset providers.

Organization Deployment Schedule

4/1 Rainforest Alliance 4/12 Matine Order for Research & Action Through Environmental Stewardship
4/2 Ocean Foundation 4/13 Southern Environmental Law Center
4/3 American Bird Conservancy 4/14 Oceana, Inc.
4/4 World Resources Institute 4/15 Union of Concerned Scientists
4/5 Trees, Water, And People 4/16 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
4/6 The Wilderness Society 4/17 Student Conservation Association
4/7 Climate Museum 4/18 Climateworks Foundation
4/8 Ceres Inc 4/19 Earthjustice
4/9 Clean Future Forum 4/20 National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
4/10 Amazon Watch 4/21 Everglades Foundation
4/11 National Audobon Society 4/22 Earth Day Network

Long-term impact

Crypto is starting to play a game-changing development for the nonprofit sector, and Endaoment is closing the knowledge and financial gap.

Bronstein expands, “the value of capital gains that have been amassed in the crypto space is astounding, and many of the highest earners are interested in using those gains to enact positive change. This creates the opportunity for nonprofits to receive substantial donations as cryptocurrency. Yet, the concept of receiving crypto donations can be daunting for organizations unfamiliar with the technology.”

“By deploying organizations on Endaoment – whether for Earth Day or any other cause – our goal is to lower the barrier to nonprofits sharing in the capital gains of the DeFi community. They don’t have to worry about the cost or knowledge barrier of creating a wallet or off-ramping donations or correctly receipting and reporting donations – we do everything for them, and USD shows up in their bank account.”  

Zach Bronstein, COO of Endaoment

Endaoment plans to continue to develop these kinds of initiatives around critical issues, creating opportunities to bring more organizations into the crypto community.

They are also looking forward to growing the community by proposing & deploying new Giving Guides and enacting similar initiatives aligned with their philanthropic interests.

“Endaoment is designed to make it as easy as possible for donors to give back in crypto and for nonprofits to receive those gifts. A big part of our job in facilitating donations is to guide donors who have to choose between many nonprofits,” explains Heeger.

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